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Welcome to the Kingdom of Fiore

The Kingdom of Fiore. In year X384 the legendary Magic Nirvana was created to try and keep the world in peace and to force people into stopping the wars that ravaged the world. Nirvana, which exchanged light with darkness, was a success. For a short period of time, the wars on the Earth Land had seemed to come to an end. However, for all the darkness that it had turned into light, Nirvana took more and more darkness upon itself until one day, Nirvana reached it's limit and destroyed itself using all of the dark magical energy stored within. Darkness once again spread through-out the Kingdom of Fiore, forcing Guilds and Mages to protect their home land.

Now, in our current time, new wizards with new ambitions fill the guilds to complete quests and further their knowledge of magic. Friendship, enemies, alliances, and wars all take place within this country. Our SIM uses an alternate timeline, for the sake of Roleplaying we branch away from the Anime/ Manga that we all love directly after year X384. This means all Guilds and their respective members (Including Makarov's Fairy Tail which holds Team Natsu, and the others) never existed, all a result due to the change in X386. The only two known to be born as early as our date is the creator of Nirvana, Roubaul (DECEASED), and The Black Wizard Zeref.

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